O Mar!
Cercando prendendo as nossas Ilhas!
Deixando o esmalte do seu salitre nas faces dos pescadores,
roncando nas areias das nossas praias, batendo a sua voz de encontro aos montes,
… deixando nos olhos dos que ficaram a nostalgia resignada de países distantes …
… Este convite de toda a hora que o Mar nos faz para a evasão!
Este desespero de querer partir e ter que ficar! …
— Poema do Mar, Jorge Barbosa

Cape Verde em 1937 - From my grandfather Mário "Marty" Rose - by Derek Rose

My grandfather, Mario "Marty" Rose of Massachusetts, traveled by schooner to Cape Verde in 1937 and shot what is perhaps the first-ever footage of the islands. Music added by Ron Barboza of New Bedford.

Also contains footage shot in the late 1930s of New Bedford, Mass.
Some coments:

Great video. Thanks to share. Loved to see Fãja where my father was born and Stancha at Sao Nicolau. By Dinis Antonio

Fantastic! uhauuuu!!! what island was your grandfather from? what´s his name...if i make a movie how can i get a permition to use some extract of your grandfather footage? By Olavo da Luz

Olavo da Luz - Spectacular, Amazing,Awesome, Breathtaking and a great gift from my first cousin, Mario "Marty"Rose. Thanks so much Derek for sharing for all to see. I have photos of Marty with my aunts and uncles in Cabo Verde when he visited them in 1937. He was one of a kind and ahead of the times. Applaudos for him. By Isabelle Livramento

thank God, somebody int the 30th had the ideia to make a video around the CV islands, i´ve born after the Independence but for me and i´m sure for all of the C Verdeans this is A BEST SELLER of our people history. for me he wons all the Oscars Awards you could imagine. thank you very much for this wonderfull discovery. By Joelson Duarte

After discovering my grandmother is from Cape Verde Im plannin to make a trip with my children to the next July 7 2014 festival perhaps to find some more of Araujo, Medina, Soares that settled in Provedence RI.  Its been said that there r differences in the R.I. settlers and the Boston settlers.....please share any info. By Joe Public VA

Thanks for sharing this masterpiece! Wonderful historical and valuable footage of Cape Verde from the year my mom was born. Priceless! Por Vony Nelson

Great historical footage. My grandfather Luther Rose left Fogo, Cape Verde in the 1920's for New Bedford, Massachusettes. My Dad & his brothers worked the crandberry boggs with my grandfather. My grandfather later owned a restaurant in Fall River, Mass. When my grandmother died in 1966, my grandfather moved back to Fogo, Cape Verde where he died in 1972. Por Anthony Rose
Source: YouTube